Friday, December 19, 2008

Allow me to tell you about my day.

Now, most (if not all) of the people who read this blog have already heard this story, but oh well. You can read it again, or not.

Now, my alarm clock is supposed to go off at 6:45am. I need that 15 minutes before 7am to wake up so that I can function when Lauren comes bounding in. Only, this morning it didn't go off so I woke up at 7:15! That left me with exactly one hour to get showered, dressed, and get both kids ready and out the door. Fock.

This morning, Lauren had been up earlier than usual and got herself dressed AND breakfast made. Such a big girl! I'd also heard her on the monitor, apparently VERY upset that I had left sweatpants out for her to wear today. Something about needing to wear a dress and look pretty today. Whatever kid, it's gym day. You get sweats and sneakers. Many arguments ensue about her need to wear a dress today. "Mrs. Allicino said!" - well, if I had a dollar for every time "Mrs. Allicino said", well, I'd have a lot of dollars. My kid is the girl who cried Mrs. Allicino.

I managed to get us out the door on time. I walked Lauren in to school today, which I normally don't do, because I wanted to bring some of my 12 pound bucket of candy to the office staff. What do I see but every. damn. kid. dressed up. Every last one of them, except Lauren. Fockity Fock. "See mom? I told you!" Yes, yes you did. I'd totally forgotten the note they'd sent home - they're reading the Polar Express today and it was "Formal Day". I'd have ruined her whole day if I hadn't walked in to witness that myself.

So off I ran to grab her a dress, tights and shoes. Ran in, grabbed it, grabbed the baby, and ran back out the door. The one thing I neglected to grab was my keys off the kitchen table. Fock again. Luckily, my dad was home and came to let me in. While I was waiting, I put Christopher in the stroller and walked the dress to school. Lauren's day - saved!

Then it was off to my job to pick up my kick ass Christmas bonus. They put me to work! After that, it was Weight Watchers (2.2 lbs down woohoo!!) and a doctor's appointment for Christopher.

Poor little Christopher. Today was a rough day for my little man. It was his 2 month checkup. He's growing like a little weed. 11 lbs, 11 oz (I should play that number!), 23 inches long. Such a happy boy, kicking his little feet on the table. The pediatrician diagnosed him with reflux, and prescribed Zantac, which I hear is a miracle drug. Let's hope it works.

Then came the hard part - the shots! Poor boy had 3 shots and one oral vaccination. After the first one, he only cried a little and I thought, "wow, tough little man!". Then the second one went in, and the third. I swear, the sound that came out of this poor little baby is not a sound I wish to hear again anytime soon. I felt so bad for causing my little guy pain. I was very nervous about these shots. That whole vaccination/Autism link is in the back of my mind. Anyway, I'd given him a pre-emptive dose of Tylenol before the shots. He's been sleeping all day now, and the poor boy is a crab and a half when he's awake. I hope he feels better tomorrow.

By the time I'd gotten out of the doctor's office, my car was covered with snow! I freaking love NY. On to the post office and Target to pick up Christopher's medication. Luckily I was in and out of Target quickly, because our weather was baaad. I can't believe how quickly the snow was building up.

By the time I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from the lovely pharmacist at Target. Apparently, when my pediatrician's office called in the prescription, they said it should be taken once daily, but it should be twice daily. I knew that, but appreciated the call anyway. She called me again a little while later to make sure I got her message. She also wanted to tell me that they over charged me by $1.11, and that they would be sending an intern to my house to give me the money. What the hell? I've never heard that in my life. Sure enough, a girl came with the dollar as well as a new label for the bottle with the correct instructions. Target rocks my world.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts (thanks Lauren!)

All right. I guess I've waited long enough to post on this thing. Good Lord, I suck at coming up with things to talk about! I'll steal an idea from my good friend Lauren and do some Thursday Random Thoughts. And then I'm going to bed because it's wicked late.

I am very much wondering WTF I did to my hand/finger. It hurts, and I can't quite figure out why. Such an odd spot, too. I hope my finger doesn't fall off or something. That would suck, it's where my wedding ring goes. I write with that hand too. So, please send me some "keep all your fingers" vibes.

I am so GD tired I'm not even sure why I'm still up. Christopher is FINALLY asleep. Lauren is long sleeping. So why am I here? I did get a lot accomplished today. I'm rocking a new hairdo. Had a nice lunch with my mommy. Bought my mother in law her Christmas gifts, since the original one I bought sucked donkey nuts. Made cheesy Christmas ornaments with Lauren after school. Wrapped presents for the inlaws (going out tomorrow!), wrapped presents for the bosses. Christmas cards (and a special surprise for my most favoritest bitches) done and ready to hit the mailbox.

I'm nervous for tomorrow. Poor little Christopher will have his very first shots. I have to remember to drug him with some baby Tylenol before we go. Poor little bugger will NOT have a nice day. I also get to go visit the job (gotta get that bonus check!) and - ick - get weighed. Wish me skinny, please!

I am SO effing psyched for my girls' weekend coming up. Most, if not all of my favorite bitches will be there. I'm not pregnant, so there will be much alcohol to be had. And, I can probably get my kick ass strawberry smoothie from the Cherry Hill Mall. Ahhhhhh.... And I still call Ryann's couch.

7 more days till Christmas, and I still have so much crap left to do! I have a pile of gifts here in the house to be wrapped. Yet another pile of gifts at my mom's. Still have to bake a crapload of cookies and construct a gingerbread house with Lauren. I'm also having the parents over for Christmas dinner, so I have to take care of that too. I swear, the week between Christmas and New Years, I'm going to sit on my ass and do nothing.

Except I can't! Lauren will be off from school from 12/24 to 1/4. WTF am I supposed to do with her during all that time? I am so not that fun mom that comes up with cool projects. I've got a few things planned, but I have a feeling that come January 5, I will be MORE than ready to go back to work!