Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Man, I really suck at this blogging thing, huh?

I really have no idea how people can come up with enough words to fill a blog every single day. My life really isn't all that interesting, people! But I'll try, because maybe one day I'll look back and laugh.

How about I tell you about Lauren? She's 5, and a million rays of sunshine in my book. Even when she is being the ultimate drama queen. Seriously, do you think that she and her little 5 year old friends have a competition at school to see who can rile up the parents the quickest? Sometimes, she can be the sweetest thing on two legs. And others...well, not so much. Sometimes I really think that her brain is 10 years older than she is, by the attitude that I get. Absolutely, flat out refusing to wear jeans - only skirts or fuzzy pants. Telling me that she'll pack up and move to Grandma Debbie's if she keeps getting into trouble - actually going so far as to pack a nightgown and a bathing suit in her bag and heading for the door. Dra-muh.

She can really be a nice person though, and I hope that keeps up as she gets older. I can see already that she's very empathetic. Sometimes I watch her while she's watching TV, she doesn't know I'm watching, she's in another world. If something "Bad" is happening, she gets this look on her face...I can't describe it with any other word but concern. And she truly, honestly loves her baby brother. It's so sweet to watch her with him - she doesn't even care when he yanks on her hair. I keep telling her she'll regret letting him do that when he gets older and can REALLY yank on it!

Sometimes I try to picture her as a teenager, or as an adult. The thought can almost send me into tears - I almost wish she could stay little forever. Except when she's acting big. ;)


Melissa said...

Enjoy these easy years. Tweens are HELL on wheels.

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Cammie said...

eh, you are better then Amy.