Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

My brain is trying to get back to normal functions after my awesome drunken weekend in lovely Moorestown, NJ. Here are some random thoughts for your Tuesday.

*Cammie wants everyone to sign up for Twitter. I did, but I really don't know WTF it's for.

*I wonder how long it's going to take before I can separate my left arm from the rest of my body. The focker HURTS. But at least my skin tag thingy is gone.

*My husband kicked ass today. He picked Lauren up from school, went grocery shopping and had dinner on the table within 5 minutes of my walking in the door. He also did most of the dishes, emptied the dishwasher and washed all the baby bottles. Rock on.

*Christopher has pretty much been sleeping since 5:45 this afternoon. He woke up to have half a bottle and went right back to sleep. Man, I hope that doesn't bite me in the ass.

*I'm watching American Idol, but I can't really get into it this season. I've been bored with the auditions, and I'm really not feeling anyone. Bleh. It's entirely too time consuming to not be psychotically loved.

*A grape ice and some Doritos would be freaking AWESOME right now.

1 comment:

Cammie said...

I cannot believe you are blogging 2 days in a row but I love that you just do what I tell you and ask no questions