Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Another Monday, another installment of Not Me Monday (thanks again to my girl Cammie!). Let's see what I did NOT do this week.

I did NOT spend every minute of every lunch hour for the past 6 working days reading Twilight. I also did NOT neglect to go to the bank today or call the insurance company about a bogus bill, because of said reading.

I did NOT start getting all obsess-y and breathy teenager-like the further I read into Twilight.

I did NOT spend 95% of my day today at work trying to figure out why the GD printer would not print in color. And my boss did NOT give me $2 for figuring out the problem that's been driving him insane for 2 months.

I did NOT waste one pound of chicken and one pound of ground beef on a crockpot that burns things completely or leaves them raw on the inside and burnt on the outside.

I did NOT forget to measure my food or count points at all since, oh, about last Thursday. I also did NOT skip a meeting to take dear Lauren to a roller skating party.

Lastly, I did NOT spend $13 to strap on roller skates at said party, only to nearly bust my ass a hundred times. Because it has NOT been 15 years since I last roller skated.


Cammie said...

heeheeee. Go click on the SITS button on my blog....start posting there and you will get more readers. If you want them that is. Megan and I both hang out there.

Sarah said...

lol! Not Me Mondays are fun to read!

I read SITS, too...