Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Thoughts For Your Saturday Night.

-My house is so quiet, it's lovely. Jason is in bed sick (I'll be spending night #2 on the need for MORE germs, thankyouverymuch). Lauren and Christopher are sleeping soundly in their own beds. All I hear is the hum of the baby monitor next to me and the faint sound of the TV in the bedroom.

-Since my house is so quiet, I should probably be folding laundry, and washing more loads. Nope. I've got the first load sitting next to me for hours. Why does it always take me two effing days to do laundry? Jason gets it all done in one afternoon. Oh yeah, he does it without simultaneously taking care of children and burning dinner in the crockpot.

-Speaking of the GDMF crockpot. I want to go all Office Space on it's ass. I don't have a baseball bat, but I'm thinking one of Jason's fancy golf clubs will do. How am I the only person on earth to completely ruin not one but two dinners in less than a week? Dinner #1 - burnt to a crisp. Dinner #2 - not finished cooking in the time noted in the recipe. Kept cooking only to have it turn to soup in the middle and burnt black around the sides and bottom. I swear, the focking thing is BROKEN. And of course, where is the box? In some land fill somewhere. I never throw out boxes till after I've used the thing, but this time I did in the interest of de-cluttering. Mother focker.

-Took Lauren to a roller skating birthday party today. Promised her I'd skate, thinking adult skate rental was included like it was at the last party. Not so much. Focking $13 for FULL admission and skate rental. What a ripoff. And holy hell, skating? Not as easy as I remembered.

-Stupid weathermen. We were supposed to get a lovely, enough-to-make-a-snowman snowstorm today. The original forecast was 3-6", then 5-7". By this morning it was down to 1-3" turning to rain. If we even got 1", I'd be surprised. Poor Lauren will never get to build a snowman at the rate we're going.

-My house is a petri dish. It's a wonder Lauren and Christopher aren't sick (watch me as I furiously knock on wood). Jason has a nasty stomach bug/food poisoning, up puking since last night. I've got a nasty upper respiratory infection. It's a germ fest in my house.

-February 6th. I'm so excited for this weekend! All of my very best friends, plus a few more ;), will be in the same spot for a weekend of laughing, crying, and oh yes, drinking. I could not be more excited. More furious wood knocking as I hope with all my might that no one in my house is puking, and that there is no snow to be found that weekend.

Wow, I do like to talk, don't I?

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