Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Random Thoughts.

-I got a little taste of Cammie's Dark O'Clock this morning. Not as bad as hers, though. Lauren was up at 6:15, telling me her tummy was grumbling. OK fine, go get yourself a snack. She did so quietly, and I was grateful. 10 minutes later when I went upstairs to give Christopher his binky back AGAIN, I found her hiding in her room eating an ice pop. At 6:30 in the morning. Today should be fun.

-My poor little Christopher has a doctor's appointment today. He has to have one shot (Polio) - which I suppose is better than the 3 he had last month. I fully believe in vaccinating my children on schedule (especially after watching that measles episode of Private Practice), but every time, I have that little nagging thought in the back of my head about the possible link to autism. Shots suck.

-When is Lauren going to grow out of her attitude? Everyone keeps saying that every "new" age will be better than the last. All I've got now is a 5 year old who acts like she's 16.

-I will say that one of the better parts about said 5 year old is that she is fully capable of operating the TV on her own. Which means that when she does decide to wake up at the ass crack of dawn, she can find something to watch. I heard her watching "Saved by the Bell" this morning. My life has come full circle if she's watching that.

-If only she'd learn to operate the DVD player and DVR.

-My Girls' Weekend is now 13 days away. Holy hell, this can not come fast enough. I need a break, hardcore. I Can. Not. Wait. to see my sister-friends. I miss them so much, and I'm very exicted to have a chance to hang with them without being pregnant or stuck in an airport for 14 hours.

-There really isn't anything better than your sweet baby smiling at you when he first wakes up in the morning. As long as it's light out when he decides to do that.

-My good friend Cammie got me reading the Twilight series. I'm halfway through the second book, "New Moon". I can't put it down. Thanks for finding me yet another reason to shirk my household responsibilities, Cammie.

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Cammie said...

I cant wait for this trip either. We will have so much fun! Sucks to have to get up at 615...that was us to but no shock there right?
Glad you like Twilight. Did I tell you you can read it from Edward's point of view on the authors website? It is called Midnight Sun and it is only 12 chapters of it before she stopped...still worth the read though