Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

Happy Friday, y'all! Except now it's I'm posting a day late. Sue me.

-TGI freakin' F. I can't wait for this week to be over! The MIL is coming to visit on Sunday for the week. Should be fun! And my berfday is Monday - happy 32 to me!

-I went to Columbus, OH yesterday for a meeting at Bath & Body Works with my boss. I am jealous. They have a BBW AND a White Barn Candle store in their lobby. And it smells all pretty. There are grounds to walk, a lake to sit by, and a kickass cafeteria. My building doesn't even have a vending machine.

-By far the BEST part of my visit to Columbus was the hour I got to spend at the airport bar with Cammie!! I love that bitch. I do have to say though, it was odd to have my boss meet one of my crazy "internet" friends...and then having to explain how we met. Interesting.

-As I mentioned earlier, Monday is my 32nd birthday. I can't believe I'm so old! I've been hinting (ok, well not so much hinting) at my need for an iPod Touch. The husband says no, what else do I want? Money. $300 to be exact. So I can go buy my iPod touch.

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Melissa said...

I'm so jealous you got to see Cammie. Sucked I couldn't talk when I called :( Miss you girls like crazy.