Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

TGIF, man.

-Back twist #1 - Last night I did it carrying a screaming, 40 lb, 5 year old drama queen up the stairs to put her in her room. That was fun.

-Back twist #2 – This morning I did it while carrying Christopher in his Snugride into his classroom at daycare. I can’t see my feet in front of me while I’m carrying him, and I tripped over a toddler during the Mass Toddler Exodus of 2009. Toddlers everywhere, making their way down the hall. I didn’t see one, I tripped over her and knocked her down, knocking myself into the wall in the process of trying not to step on said toddler.

-Twilight comes out on DVD tonight at midnight! I thought of finding one of those DVD release parties, but chances are I’d be the oldest one there and the teenage screaming might give me a headache. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

-I’m super excited about the Twilight DVD. D-nice is coming over tomorrow night for a Twilight/Wii party and some takeout. I love food, I love Wii, I love Twilight. Kick ass.

-I was super Weight Watcher this week. I exercised (well, I did the Wii Fit – that has to count, right?) 5 days out of the week (counting tonight). I wrote down everything I put in my mouth. I even weighed and measured. Hell, I ate fruit more than once a day for most of the week. And I think I’ve used ½ of a flex point. Awesome. I better have lost like, 6 pounds.

-Christopher is getting to be a big boy and I’m having to wean him from the super awesome SwaddleMe blanket. He’s too big for the largest size, and he keeps busting out of it. So last night he slept with one arm out. Slept through the night, thankyouverymuch.

-Today is the first day of Spring!!! The days of sandals and capris are coming up quickly. So can someone tell my why the hell I woke up to SNOW?! Luckily none of it stuck. But still. Apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

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