Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Annoyances

Today wasn't bad, but I'm always sure to find something that pissed me off!

-My freaking contacts. They're all itchy and burny, for no apparent reason. All damn day I keep squeezing my eyes shut, rubbing, etc. One of these days I'll grow some balls and schedule that Lasik surgery...one day.

-This stupid bandaid that's on my right middle finger. I dontated blood tonight (go me!), and I have a bandaid on my finger from where they gave me the anemia test. No anemia, just a stupid annoying bandaid. I'll be even more pissed if I have a reaction to it like the last time I wore one.

-The weather. It's a tease. 60's and gorgeous over the weekend, cold enough to snow right now. Where the hell is spring already??

-My throat. I was eating Doritos today (which leads me to another thing that pisses me off...the size of my ass...but I digress). As I swallowed one, it went down my throat with the pointy side out, scraping the shit out of the left side of my throat on its way down. So I have half a sore throat. I guess it's better than a whole sore throat, but whatever.

See? I guess it was a good day, since I really couldn't think of all that many things that pissed me off!


Cammie said...

lasik kicks ass

Melissa said...

It was 51 here when I woke up this morning. BURRRRR it's cold out there :P

prashant said...

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