Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love my kids, but I drink a little.

Sometimes I really wonder if Lauren has an alternate personality or something. She can go from Jekyll to Hyde in 3.4 seconds. Or, she’ll have an absolutely awesome day where I think she’s just the greatest kid ever, and then the following day she’ll be a nightmare. Such is the drama of a 5 year old diva, I suppose.

Case in point. The other day, she woke up (at 6:30am – a little early for my taste but it beats 5:30) and came downstairs into my room like always. Except she was all dressed in matching clothes. St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt, jeans, and matching shamrock socks. #1 wow. Then she took it upon herself to go into the freezer, get out her pancakes and cook her own breakfast. Brushed her teeth, posed for some freakin’ adorable pictures, done. Off to school in a great mood. Played on the Wii after school, gave herself a bath, bedtime was a breeze (till she couldn’t find her game…but I digress).

Then there was yesterday. Little Miss Houdini woke up at about 6am and decided that it was a great idea to go to school right then. At 6am, when it was still dark outside and the school is locked down for another 2.5 hours. Mmmmmkay. I stepped out of the shower just in time to hear the chime that goes off when a door is opened. I freaked, thinking that both my kids are still asleep, and Jason is already gone. The hell? I cracked the door open and called for Lauren, who answered me – it was her opening the door. What the holy crap? What if I’d gotten out of the shower 1 minute later and she was gone? How do I keep this little Houdini in the house? She knows how to open the deadbolt. She can also probably work the hook and eye latch we have over her head on the screen door (she’d need to pull a chair over for that, though). My next step is probably a chain on the very top of the door where she absolutely can’t reach, but I’d have to get up at 4am to re-latch it after Jason leaves. Argh. Then it was attitude all morning. Fun times. Love that kid, but man she makes me want to drink sometimes.

I wonder if I’m in for it with Christopher too. Right now he’s such a laid back, easy kid. Always happy and smiling unless he’s hungry. Feed him a bottle and he’s back to his sunny self. Loves his sleep. He seems to be eating more and more these days, which his sister NEVER did. Last night he had a full jar of carrots (the child who has had carrots four times in his life) and then sucked down an EIGHT ounce bottle before bed. I don’t think Lauren ever had an 8 ounce bottle, even when she was a year old. The kid is a rock star. I’m going to pay for this when he’s 16, aren’t I?

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