Monday, March 2, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Happy Monday...yeah right. Here's a list of all the things I did NOT do over the past week or so.

*I did NOT allow my son to sleep in his swing nearly every night for the past week. Sleep...screaming baby...tough choice.

*I did NOT sit in the rocking chair with Christopher at 4am and list in my head all the reasons I HAVE to go to work.

*I did NOT skip my Weight Watchers meetings for the past month.

*I did NOT ask my husband for an iPod Touch for my birthday, because I did NOT just get a new Nano for Mother's Day last year.

*I am NOT debating putting Christopher in a snowsuit and sticking him in a snow drift for some pictures.

*I did NOT say "Now What?" after finishing Breaking Dawn. I also did NOT start reading Twilight over again, because I was totally ready to let go.

*I did NOT give away the ending to Breaking Dawn to a friend that hasn't read it yet. No really, I didn't.

*It's 7am and I am NOT sitting here with a towel on my head watching the weather report yet again instead of getting ready to go to the office that is NOT FOCKING CLOSED.

*I am NOT at all bitter that even though Jason cleaned my car off before he left for work this morning, and shoveled me a path to get to said car, that he's not here to clean it off again...because it's NOT covered in focking snow again.


Cammie said...

I hate snow.
I love Twilight
I love Christopher in a snow suit for pics.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm really gonna have to do it when I get home. Hopefully I get out early and it'll still be light out.

Melissa said...

I love snow. It's so pretty.