Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Pet Peeves

This is for Melissa. Love her! And I don't want to be yelled at like Cammie was.

I, unlike Miss Happy Pants Cammie, can usually find something to be pissed about, despite my use of happy pills. Guess mine don't work as well as hers do. Oh well!

-Again with the contacts. Didn't we go through this last week? Focking blurry contacts. These are even fresh ones, I didn't even sleep in them. Dammit.

-People who change the rules, don't tell you about it and then delay your shit because you didn't know the new rules.

-Melissa's little HTML tag thingy from her blog to copy and paste her little pissed off thingy up there. Didn't work. I had to it my own way. Fix it, Mel.

-My stupid medicine cabinet door is on my shit list today. Poor Lauren woke up, got herself dressed in matching, unwrinkled clothes (even matching socks!) and came downstairs all ready to rock. Made her own breakfast, etc. Miss independent, she is. Then she went to brush her teeth and sliced her head open on the focking corner of the cabinet door. Let me tell you, scalp cuts BLEED. A Lot. And when you have a 5 year old who freaks at the sight of blood, this is not a good thing. Ruined her whole damn morning. Stupid sharp mirrored cabinet door has some nerve hurting my baby.

-Diets. Yeah, yeah - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. I got it. But it still sucks when I have to change the way I eat in order to change the size of my arse. And it sucks even more when I'm focking starving and my only choice is to starve because I won't have enough points left for dinner. Something tells me that the baggie of strawberries I have won't hold me over.

-The new Facebook layout. Geezoman, does it suck. Why do I need to see that my friend gave beer to 26 of her friends? Just tell me that so and so gave a beer to 26 friends - you don't have to tell me their names in separate posts. I don't see all my other friends' statuses because of this crap. Hopefully enough people will complain and they'll change it back.


Cammie said...

my goodness someone pissed in your wheaties today. must be because you miss me

Kelly Syferd said...

You said geezoman. I love you.

Kelly said...

I did that just for you, Kel. And yes, I do miss you Cammie!

Melissa said...

hehe... and I would NEVER yell at you. In public. Standing on a street corner for all to hear

(BTW..I tested the code and it worked for me..weird. Must be a stupid MAC thing :P)

Thanks for playing. See you again next week.hehe

prashant said...

my goodness someone pissed in your wheaties

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